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Are you looking for a fun and engaging tutor for your child? Look no further I am a patient and enthusiastic teacher with experience working with children in elementary school, junior high and high school. Whether your child needs help with reading, writing, math, or any other subject, I am here to help them succeed.

I believe that tutoring isn't just a profession, for me it’s a mission to help the people of tomorrow achieve their potential.

About Mrs. Jones


Born and raised in Northern California, she developed a passion for education and cooking at an early age. Joanna pursued her academic interests by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration, both with high honors. Her love of teaching led her to become an elementary school teacher, where she has been teaching for the past 10 years. Joanna’s dedication to her students is unmatched, and she works tirelessly to ensure that each of them receives the education they deserve.

Outside of her professional life, Joanna is a skilled cook and baker, having trained as a professional chef before becoming a teacher. Her family and friends often enjoy her delicious meals and desserts, and she takes great pleasure in preparing them. She is also an avid gardener, hiker, and artist. She spends much of her free time creating artwork, tending to her garden, and taking her daughter to museums.

Joanna’s artistic talent extends beyond painting, as she also enjoys crocheting, tie-dying, and making jewelry. Her creativity and passion for the arts are evident in everything she does, and she often incorporates these skills into her lessons, making them engaging and memorable for her students.


Hi! I’m Mrs. Jones, a happily married mother of one with a baby on the way. I was raised in the public school system, had public school teachers as parents, and Grandparents who were public school teachers. You could say teaching is “in my blood.” I started as a Substitute Teacher in the Elk Grove School District in California back in 2016, after I had earned a Master’s Degree in Science in Healthcare Administration. Big jump in career fields, but I was not very happy in the medical industry. I started at a series of small disadvantaged elementary schools in the heart of Sacramento, California. I Instantly fell in love with the work – it was fulfilling and challenging. Never a dull moment! I wanted each and every student to know how important they are and how they could all be great if they just tried.

I worked full time as a Substitute Teacher for the next two years at the same elementary school until a fellow teacher asked why I wasn’t getting my credential. That was a great question! I looked into credential programs, found one, applied, got accepted, and then became a full time teacher as an intern at a school district further up in Sacramento. I fell in love with the school I got hired to teach at and realized that I should have been a teacher from the very start! While at Hagginwood Elementary School I taught 6th grade and was all things at once, since there was no PE teacher or art teacher or yard duties – I became everything! Talk about a challenge!

When my family decided to leave California and move to Rapid City I was hired to work at Black Hawk Elementary School where I have been for the last year teaching 5th grade. I would be staying at Black Hawk if not for the little miracle growing inside of me! My husband and I are expecting our newest addition to our family in September, but until then – I am actively seeking a new career in the tutoring business. I am really excited about becoming an at-home mom, but know I will deeply miss teaching, so tutoring seems to be the ticket! I am excited to start this new journey in life, and can’t wait to meet my new students.

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