At Home Academy Tutoring Subjects

Specializing in math subjects, science, English, and test preparations for all age groups, from elementary students to adults with different goals and needs.


We take a comprehensive and collaborative approach in creating a plan and program that is right for every student. Adjusting to different personalities and specific academic needs, we always find what works best.

Cooking and Baking Lessons

I am an EXPERT in cooking and baking with years of experience in the service industry as both a cook and a baker. As long as you provide the kitchen and ingredients, I will provide the lesson! Anything from cooking dinner with the kids to baking cookies and cakes.A single phone consultation and the lesson is as much as cooked!

Online Schooling

I tailor the Online Tutoring to fit each of our students’ unique needs and circumstances. With our professional tutors and your dedication to succeed, we guarantee academic results.

Art Lessons

Do your kids LOVE to do arts and crafts? I LOVE to teach arts and crafts! Catered to your child's needs and wants, after a phone conversation, we can set up anything from crochet class to tie dye class to painting and drawing. Bracelet making, mask making, bead art and more! For the littles, I can provide finger painting class, pipe cleaner art or any variety of art lessons. Just ask!

Music Lessons

Specializing in clarinet, bass clarinet, string bass, electric bass, recorder and lessons for little ones on percussion.

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